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He moved his family to Miami this year, though he retains his house outside Boston, where the oldest of his four children—a daughter—attends college.

Florida, though, offers year-round baseball, attractive to his soon-to-be 14-year-old son.

I don’t know those players that A-Rod mentions sometimes. ’ For a long SUV ride through LA traffic from his luxury hotel in Beverly Hills to Dodger Stadium before Game 2, Ortiz is dressed in a black t-shirt embroidered with a massive bejeweled skull that covers his considerable torso, complemented by a much tinier skull that is affixed to the bridge of his sunglasses. That was why he still doesn’t understand why nobody believed that he was actually going to retire from the Red Sox last year, as he always maintained, and—with a .2 million option for 2017 waiting for him—that he wouldn’t return.

“I’ve called him the Magic Johnson of our game for over a decade,” he says. Each time he pointed both index fingers to the sky after a home run, he was pointing to her.“Sometimes one of the things that people hate is you being the best at something,” he says. “He’s a guy that works extremely hard at what he does. To me, that’s my goal, to be able to get to his level.“On top of it, people believed that the way A-Rod handled himself wasn’t the right way, I can tell you that. ” Now it is Ortiz who marvels at Rodriguez, for his quick post-baseball transition to budding mogul. He’s been doing this for a while, and he’s extremely smart. I would call it perfect.” On air, Rodriguez has subjected Ortiz to only good-natured hazing. Tell me about it.” “I’m the rookie in there,” Ortiz says. He’s always touching the toughest bases about the subject, and he’s passing it to me already constructed.” It’s not only for the cameras, either.Galvanizing his traumatized home town was one thing. ” he told Fenway Park on April 20, 2013, five days after the Boston Marathon bombings, drawing praise from even the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. He’s not trying to be Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams or Lester Holt.” “I don’t try to be Mr. “I just try to talk about what I know in the way I know how.” It’s led to a range of memorable moments, such as his insightful dissection during the ALCS of CC Sabathia’s pitching repertoire (he explained, bat in hand and from experience, why Sabathia’s alternating between a backdoor slider and a cutter flummoxes hitters) and a portrait he drew in honor of one of Justin Verlander’s playoff outings that included a performance-summarizing inscription on which, the producers and many viewers initially thought, the FCC might not look as kindly. ” Shah-Rais shouted to Ortiz through his in-ear IFBs – which were not yet the diamond encrusted pair, inspired by the singer Romeo Santos, that he would break out for the World Series. Improbably, it turns out that his polished and studied manner, which often played terribly in clubhouses—particularly opposing ones—has made him a star in the medium, with an approval rating he never approached on the diamond.Formulating coherent and analytical—and, ideally, non-profane—soundbites in front of 19 million viewers, in his second language, was an entirely new challenge. ” he shouted on his first day of work as he wandered near the loading docks of Fox’s expansive studios in Los Angeles, until Bardia Shah-Rais, Fox Sports’s coordinating producer, found him. Though he took his last major league at-bat only 14 months ago, in addition to his Fox gig he is already, among other things, a guest judge on he and Mark Cuban recently invested in the Ice Shaker, a product from Rob Gronkowski and his many hard-partying brothers—and even a contributor to ABC News.

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