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I felt the constellation of Leo represented that.” David‘s EP features four songs: “Other Things In Sight”, “Someone To Love”, “I’m Ready” and “Spotlight Down”.was not planned though as he had initially gone to the auditions to support his younger brother.Fellow band members Andy Skib and Neal Tiemann would later be part of Cook’s post instead, he had simply been there to support his younger brother.However with a little encouragement from his mother and brother, the singer eventually decided to participate in the auditions himself.

After triumphing against the other Idol contestants, the singer released his first major self-titled studio album “David Cook” on November 18, 2008. David was born in 1982 in Houston Texas, David Roland Cook is the middle child of Beth Foraker and Stanley Cook. He has one late older brother named Adam and a younger brother named Andrew; the three were raised in Blue Springs, Missouri. “I want to get people to look up more, and the stars along with music are some of the best ways I know how to do that,” David shared about the cover art and concept for the EP.It actually ties into his upcoming album with the same themes.Shortly after winning the competition, he released his first debut single titled “The Time of My Life”; it was a major hit, and debuted at the number three spot on the chart.Not only did he break Miley Cyrus’ previous Billboard Charting records, but he had also broken the ones previously set by the American rock band, Bon Jovi as well!

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