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It is then up to you whether or not you contact that person after the event. BAR LOCAL LOUNGE Calle de la Libertad 28 28004 Madrid Metro L5 Chueca *************************************************************** Payment can be done immediately online using Pay Pal, which requires a credit card such as Visa.

Speed dating is the best and most enjoyable way of meeting new people. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, email us at [email protected] confirm availability first.

It is a little over the top with the ‘angel in his life’ comment, which some people might find either a bit cheesy or aggressive.

The more direct, honest and sincere the ad, the better chances one has of hooking their bait.

L This must be done as soon as possible to allow for verification of the payment.

After doing the transfer, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can confirm your place for the event.

In an age where young people are increasingly focused on establishing careers before love-lives, more people in their late 20’s to mid 30’s are still looking for Mr./Ms. There are now more than double the number of single women aged 28-34 than there were only five years ago; accordingly, the industries built around singles and dating in Spain has adapted, catering to every demographic looking for Spanish love.Whether you’re young and single, divorced and single, single and looking, single and not looking or even not single (but still looking) - for those who want something more than a cheesy fling in an Irish bar there is something for everyone when it comes to dating in Spain.Many would say that Spain is a country for ´parejas´ (couples) since everything seems to be easier in Spain with a partner.One of the most popular means of modern dating is online and Spain is no exception.(insert blurb/link to online dating article-can’t put that in until the article is ready…correct?

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If places are still available, please make the transfer to the following account.

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