Quality of life in childhood epilepsy validating the qolce

We demonstrated for the first time that in children left- and right-hemispheric foci were associated with discordant QOL scores.

Unlike in adults, foci in the right hemisphere led to worse emotional and social functioning demonstrating that seizures impact the brain differentially during development.

Quality of life (QOL) is an important outcome measure in clinical research, taking into account patient's subjective evaluation of his own being and supplementing the traditional medical approach, based on the examination of symptoms, signs, and laboratory findings as defined from the doctor's perspective [].

Fifteen children had foci in the left hemisphere and sixteen in the right, as verified with Electroencephalography (EEG) examinations.Childhood epilepsy is among the most prevalent and important neurological conditions in the developing years, affecting 3.6 to 4. children in developed countries, and approximately double these rates in developing countries (for a review, see []).The consequences of epilepsy often evolve in a complex fashion and can be accounted for by a number of factors including the effects of brief but chronic dysfunctional episodes on the developing brain, the presence of comorbid disabilities, the subsequent cognitive problems, and the reaction of the individuals and their families to the diagnosis and treatment [].Lateralized seizures have differential impact on behavior.It was observed that right temporal lobe seizures evoke experiential phenomena more often, including an intense sense of the familiar and unfamiliar, fear, and complex multisensory hallucinations [] demonstrated that left temporal epilepsy is associated with higher level of anxious personality trait and a decreased self-assessment of QOL as compared to right-sided focus.

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Twenty patients were excluded: 11 subjects had bilateral or generalized discharges; in four the disease was diagnosed less then one year earlier, and five had anatomical findings.

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