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All of a miraculously, smoke start to be vanishing, to where?

But my main testimony today be say, i chop that charcoal and nothing happen to me, church praise the Lort”.

I don't even know it.'Despite his honest admission, an angered fan appeared unhappy with his response, chucking an object at the Canadian popstar's head in frustration.

Although he could have justifiably walked off stage following the incident, Justin calmly asked the festival goer to stop acting out his anger, saying him: 'Don’t throw things at me, please.'Mail Online have contacted Justin Bieber's reps for comment. The 23-year-old superstar featured as a vocalist on the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee tune - which skyrocketed the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in May - but insisted he was unable to perform the song at event, much to disgruntled concert goers However, the singer - who is currently on his Purpose World Tour - had previously landed himself in hot water over not knowing the lyrics to the song with fans at a concert in May.

Exposing his lyric weakness, he told his adoring audience that constantly swapped the song's title with 'Dorito' or 'burrito', according to Entertainment Weekly.

He confessed: 'I don’t know the words so I say "pocito".

Supporters at the national stadium were encouraged to join in with anthem La Marseillaise after a rendition of God Save the Queen prior to kick-off.

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She talk say she for run but as she no say no be her fault she stay call police.

She say she get many customer and none of dem don die so she know say her hand clean.

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