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But with a profoundly corrupt government, that wealth isn’t doing very much for the people—the infrastructure’s a mess, 24% of adults are unemployed, and two out of three Nigerians live in extreme poverty.

Nigeria’s median per capita income of 3 means that a Nigerian who makes /week is in the top half of wealth in the country.

And he’d just take everyone’s shit, because that’s what a nine-year-old boy just has to do. After growing up in a tiny village, four of the siblings now live together in a small one-bedroom apartment in Lagos, and three others live in the smaller town of Ife with their mom in a one-room apartment.

Both apartments are paid for by Femi, the second oldest sibling and the oldest guy.

Femi and his siblings speak fluent English but with such a different accent to mine that sometimes when they’d speak, I wouldn’t be sure if they were speaking their Nigerian language (Yoruba) to each other, or English to me, and I’d have a little panic while trying to figure it out.

At Femi’s apartment, we turned on the TV to see a popular comedy duo on stage doing a show. Which means it happened over 100 times just in my visit.

They’re opposite places in almost every way places can be opposite.

If you’re really interested in learning about The Nigeria Coup Festival, this is a well-done 2.5-hour documentary about the history of modern Nigeria.

For those who are just kind of interested, I spent a quarter of my living years gathering the highlights into the below diagram.

He was getting ready to start college when their dad got sick and died at a young age.

Femi dropped his plans and started working as a professional driver to support the family, something he’s still doing a decade later, and his siblings say he’s like a dad to all of them.

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Even as I was checking my bag at the Tokyo airport, the woman saw where I was going and looked at me like, “Seriously though what’s your problem? But I had apparently decided to leave the world’s most pristine, orderly, safe place to go to a place that was not those three adjectives, and there I suddenly was, standing in the middle of Africa’s biggest city, trying to not die.

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