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We can also offer extended warranties at reasonable prices. Finally, we should point out that although not every Spectrum centre carries every advertised item, they can always be obtained quickly from our central warehouse. A special feature is COPY which prints out exactly what is on the whole TV screen without the need for further instructions. Uses it would be ideal for — such as being able to say "fire" in a space invader-type game — are not really suit- able for this unit as it stands. ■ It could not be recommended to a beginner v butt could prove attractive to an experienced user who is prepared to explore some of the possibilities only hinted at in the manual. SEPTEMBER 1382 37 HERMANN HAUSER What made the BBC choose Acorn not Sinclair — and why is Hermann Hauser, Acorn's Technical Director, so sure the Electron will upstage the Spectrum? Six O'clock on a bleak December morning and all was far from well.If you have any difficulty, please telephone Spectrum Customer Service on (0727) 66646. So now you can print out your results for a permanent record. All in all, if you arc interested in speech recognition then you will be delighted with this unit. Acorn's design team had been work- ing round the clock since Monday when the man from the BBC had called.As a result wc have the Spectrum, which seems to have been designed to satisfy popular demand for inaudible noise, and the Dragon 32's endearing croak. Wideband offers a phonetic- input program which I would strongly recom- mend anyone buying the unit should obtain. Defining the width and depth of the screen, and as a consequence its resolution, gives a choice of 256, 320, 512 or 640 pixels horizon- tally and up to 250 pixels vertically.This kind of facility makes the whole theme of sound appear limited. This program is designed to allow you to enter words more in the form that they are spelt and it decides which are the appropriate phonemes. The state- ments Range and Centre permit you to choose the scale of the x and y pixel co-ordinates and position the origin, while Axes draws and marks off the two axes.As they chat with their machines they will wonder how we ever managed without it. Animation Bases a i Animation Player Miss A; Graphics Player Missile Graphics Display L«t$ Display Lists Ho WVcrtical Sen* Hoti//vcr ticai 5 ift OWi • 5022VI C ? 12 04: Super Programs 4 (ICL) Hardware required - ZX81. The Voxbox, which has an external knob to change the pitch, hums less. The final device in this survey is a Speech Recognition system from William Stuart Systems. Naturally enough it con- sumes a good deal of memory: creating a screen page 40 characters wide by 200 lines deep takes up more than 10K.

If that sounds too futuristic, there arc instances much closer to the present where sound could be used and for which relatively inexpensive hardware already exists. Music must be the most obviously neglected area — the chips exist and a small piano-format keyboard could be offered with most micros for little extra cost. Tomorrow's computer buffs will be mystified that manufacturers only turned to sound when they wanted a new feature to tempt the buyer. I.'TXX ■ Onon Sfll Ryn to R«Aft'• Teach- Younell Prog Conver MKinalfrench Conversational German Conversational Spanish Conversational Italian Touch Typing States (Capitals tcrcoean Countries 4 Capitals Programming invt UMxi to Programming Basics 0! Description - Fives games plus currency conversion at will - for example, dollars to pounds. A final criticism must be the rather annoy- ing hum that the unit produces. Educational applications This facility has obvious potential for educational applications, graphic games and animation effects.After all, joysticks and track-balls had languished in computer laboratories until the advent of consumer computer games. Tel: Romford (0708) 60725 (4 YOUR COMPUTER, SEPTEMBER 1982 5 OJJifis J from mopuni On Atari & VIC computer hardware If your order contains over £120 worth of computer hardware apply now for interest free credit by telephoning: Mail-order: (0702) 552911 London Shop: 01-748 0926 Southend Shop: (0702) 554000 or write to P. Box 3, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 8LR You pay 10% down, then 10% per month for a further nine months, (to nearest penny) Example: VIC20 Colour Computer. Credit terms: £19.99 down then £20 per month for nine months: Total £199.99. The VIC20 Colour Computer could be yours this week for just £19.99 down. Order as AF47B Introduction to BASIC Cassettes Parti {AC57M) £14.95 Part 2 (AC58N) £14.95 Joysticks and Paddles: Single Joystick (AC53H) £7.50 Pair of Joysticks (AC37S) £13.95 Le Stick (AC45Y) £24.95 Pair of Paddies (AC3QH) £13.95 Programming Aid Cartridges Super Expander: 3K RAM and Hi-res graphics (AC54J) £34.95 Programming Aid: Additional commands. (AC55K) £34.95 Machine Code Monitor (AC56L) £34.95 VIC 20 ACCESSORIES: C2N Cassette Unit (AF48C) £44.95 VIC20 Printer: (AF49D) £230.00 80 characters per line, 30 characters per second, tractor feed, full aiphanumerics and graphics, double size character. This unit can be fun to use and could easily provide an interesting added dimension to games. In common with the Atari and the Dragon, the New Brain does not hold its screen data in a fixed area of memory.The prospect of large sales of games using, say, speech recognition — the most problematical area in sound — could make manufacturers put more money into its development. for Add £1 p&p per order.^ £ Pl«as* debit oiy Access/ Bare I ay card No. VIC20 Disk Drive: (AF50E) £396.00 170K storage on standard single-density, single-sided, soft-sectored floppy disks. An independent user's group Four Issues of the club magazine for only £1 .60! The unit has both a volume control and a pitch control to alter the sound from a deep man's voice to a high-pitched man's voice — curiously, it never sounds like a woman's. This makes it possible to create multiple screen memories in RAM and switch between them.The Disk Drive gives you greater storage i^l^Wtif Ml*l(Mllr: M[*[*j HF[nn.^M file handling, with the option of double-density through a special adapter. SPECIAL TECHNICAL GENIE HOT -LINE ON 0629 499S for all your technics! - __ INTELLIGENT TYPEWRITER: T" / When it comes to word processing Dave Berry's routines will make your machine brighter than the average Atom. VIC-20 ASSEMBLER: OO Philip Horton puts it all together. The oihcr D7 they mention for a Busy should be attached to D7 of an input port. All legal moves: 32 opening moves: 7 play levels - 4 within competition time limits. THE ZX ARCADE PACK £495 7 VOLCANIC DUNGEON HANGMAN E4.50 8. Thus, the console stream which links key- board and display can be redefined to give the display a width of 80 characters and a depth of 100 lines.advice and service back-up on any aspect of the Genie system direct from the experts! YC-82 7l Chesterfield Road, V Matlock, • x :' ' Derbyshire DE4 5LE. Tel: 01-661 | 35G0 Telex/grams: 892084 8IPRESG ISSN 0263-0885 INTERVIEW: OO Hermann Hauser, Acorn's technical director, reveals the Electron's secrets and tells how the BBC Micro was made. _ .- B-52 BOMB-RUN: OU Unless the bomb aimer can clear a landing strip below, S A Nicholls's ZX-81 game will crash. SPECTRUM DISASSEMBLER: David Home takes it all apart. It is easy to get this confused from Wide- band's literature. "The seemingly impossible has happened - you can play high resolution chess on a Sinclair." (C. (Full Board Graphics available with Quicksilva CHR $ Board). THE DAMSEL AND THE BEAST £650 9, ZX OTHELLO E695 10 ZX CHESS ii £9 95 TOTAL 01 ^DER VALUE ' £ YOUR COMPUTER, SEPTEMBER 1982 31 The new Dragon 32 So well designed, you'll even understand this ad If you're already a computer expert, may we refer you to the box of technical specifi- cations displayed opposite. * When you're comparing computers, the first thing you need to know is the size of the memory. ' Reverting to plain English once more, this means simply that the com- puter will go out of its way to under- stand you, rather than vice-versa The Dragon 32 is so user- friendly, itpractically licksyour hand. BBC Micro, and VIC 20 still have the less powerful 6502. At least twice the power of similarly priced machines. Only 24 lines will be visible but by using the cursor keys 100 lines of text can be scrolled up and down the screen window.

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/ Vic dambuster 6502 assembler More BBC secret Atom intelligent typewriter LONELY Genie I Microcom- puter, early eighties, with large peripheral family but currently unattached, would like to meet interesting, attractively pack- aged software, Genie or Tandy specification, for programming, problem sol . It can be connected to 4 disk drives, a printer, RS232 interface or S100 cards. The supreme advantage of the Genie I system is its compatibility with the TRS 80, which means that literally 1000's of pre-recorded programs are already available, just waiting to be plugged into your Genie! Description - Six games including the fascinating Tower of Hanoi problem. Description - Can you, as Captain Church of the UK spaceship Endeavour, rid the galaxy of the Klingon menace? Cassette G10: Backgammon (Psion) Hardware required - ZX81 16K RAM. In fact you need to connect up data lines to 7 on your parallel port to the pins on the Wideband's connector as indicated in the manual. Striking colour, amazing sound effects and powerful graphics are all used to the full. There is a complete range of manuals, accessories and plug-in ROMs. Let Acornsoft help you get the best from our machine and open the doors to your imagination Acornsoft and Atom arc registered trade marks of Acorn Computers Ltd. Postcode I r * 100 " ^ THE PROFESSIONAL ZX81 KEYBOARD All -you -need Keyboard Kit £28.95. 32KRAM £43.43 £6.52 VAT £49.95 « Please Debit my 16KRAM £26.00 £3.90 VAT £29 90 § REVIEW NEWBRAIN delete any part of a program line in front or after the cursor, insert code and split a line into two, using a combination of the Insert, Repeat, Shift and Cursor keys. But if you wish to take full advantage of the machine's capability you will need a certain amount of patience and perseverance.

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