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Eunice's semi-detached house in Tewkesbury, around 15 miles from ours, was a revelation.It was warm and cosy and packed with games, toys and videos, not to mention her five cats. Before long I began staying overnight, and then for whole weekends.But by the time I was six, they were struggling to cope.My father forgot to pick me up from school one day, then again, and then quite regularly. Some days my parents didn't manage to get me to school at all.I would visit my parents for an occasional weekend or evening, and Eunice's house was now to be called "home".I quickly settled in to my new routine, however, and I liked my new school and classmates.

She looks very determined, while I feel extremely wobbly. Very smart." DC Martell is smiling encouragingly, as the car nudges through the heavy morning traffic towards Bristol Crown Court, where I will shortly be giving evidence in a child abuse case against my foster mother of ten years, Eunice Spry. But in my mind I am still remembering Eunice's scrawny hands around my throat, trying to stop me from speaking out, squeezing the very breath from my body. The car pulls up outside the imposing court building and I'm hastily shepherded inside.

How the funding was arranged I have no idea, although I came to understand how clever and devious Eunice was when it came to playing officials off against each other.

By the time I was seven-and-a-half, I had moved to Eunice's full-time and the pattern of my life had reversed.

Every day they would go to a local drug rehabilitation centre, often taking me with them.

They'd do their best to make it a fun outing for me, taking me for lunch in the canteen and going to the park on the way home.

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