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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday condemned North Korea’s “dangerous” missile test but warned against “intimidating” the rogue regime and called for a peaceful solution in the region.“I want to confirm that we are categorically against the expansion of the club of nuclear powers, including with the Korean Peninsula and North Korea,” Putin said at a Chinese economic summit in Beijing, saying it would be “harmful and dangerous.” But in comments apparently directed at the US, Putin said “intimidating the DRPK is unacceptable,” using the acronym for North Korea.The fact is that once change has begun in a system, the options for dealing with it are limited and mutually exclusive. Major social questions do not go away and change, once begun, will come either peacefully or destructively.We can either simply ignore both the question and the questioners or we can ignore the present state of social shift and its effect on both the question and the questioners. Ask the few people who went to the barricades in the French Revolution about the truth of that.

One of the professional ones taught me more about the present state of the church than much else could possibly have done.

To deny the question will only, in the long run, reduce the credibility of the minister on other issues as well as on the question at hand. The number of innovators -- early adherents of change -- who have already left the church over these issues, for instance, have gone from trickle to stream.

Second level change agents, early adaptors, comprise about 13.5 percent of a population.

As a result, both issues have already broken the boundaries of the institution.

Second, openness about emerging issues and good theoretical preparation must fill in the gap between institutional readiness to consider the questions and the resistance fatigue in the people.

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