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Every time their failed candidate pops up to whine about her loss, they drain more support.I’ve seen some bad losers in my time but Mrs Clinton is right up there with the very worst.Now we are beginning to see hard ballot box proof of this theory.Make no mistake, last night’s defeat was a devastating one for the Democrats.

To defeat him, you must first understand his appeal.

She has urged her colleagues to hear out Trump supporters rather than ridicule them.

‘People want to feel they’re being listened to,’ she told The Christian Science Monitor, ‘that they haven’t been forgotten.’ Democrats, she added, ‘need to stop acting like everyone else is a villain.’ When asked to describe a Trump voter, she responded: ‘They’re regular people.’ Meryl Streep might howl with fury at that comment, but that is why Cheri Bustos won big.6) Get out into the heartland.

It doesn’t matter who it is, so long as he or she presents a dynamic new image for the party.4) Get positive.

The Democrats lost the general election because they spent the entire time delivering dire warnings of how awful Trump would be in the unthinkable event of him actually winning.

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And they will turn out in big numbers to affirm their irritation.3) Find a leader.

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