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This means certain traits like age, income and looks are more valued by potential partners depending on one's gender.

Men in affluent destination countries gain, as do women in poor source countries, because each group has access to more potential marital partners.

An article titled "Marriage to foreigner less likely to last", published on Oct 30 last year in The Sunday Times, documented a trend of Singaporean men, mainly older and blue-collar workers who struggled to find local partners, seeking foreign brides from developing countries.

In our recent research, we studied the causes and consequences of the globalisation of marriage markets, by developing a theory of gender-asymmetric cross-border marriages.

This factor may raise the demand among men in developed countries for such marriages, which in turn stimulates the relevant service market like international marriage brokers and Internet dating systems.

The flourishing of these matchmaking agencies reduces cross-border marriage costs even more, further facilitating such activities.

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