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' But, whatever the deficiencies of the artist – legion – he's managed to capture the contradiction that lies at the heart of George Hamilton.

Here is someone who seems to suffer from one of the most advanced cases of narcissism ever recorded.

His father, Spike, a bandleader – Spike Hamilton and his Barbary Coast Orchestra – had bailed out of the marriage when Hamilton was five. At least not until Hamilton and his new stepmother got to know one another a little better.

A much more solitary, ascetic side that few are allowed to see.

'I take out the little dummy,' he says of his chat-show persona.

From his mother, Hamilton learned one lesson above all: Never Rely On Anybody For Anything.

In a lot of respects, this credo has defined his life.

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His hair – raven black – is swept back, the chin chiselled, the mouth full and slightly curled up at the corners, as if he's laughing at some private joke. 'My mother wanted me to have it done, although that's hardly any excuse.' He gives a chuckle.

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