Dating antique ball jars

Sun dried tomatoes were born in Italy as a way to store fresh tomatoes for the winter. Basil Pesto Sun dried tomato Pesto Arugola Pesto Youthful and modern toiletries from Paglieri Combining fruits, yogurt and natural extracts, Cléo is soft and creamy with a distinct perfume.

Our sun dried tomatoes have the same nutritional value as the fresh tomatoes they were made from. Funghi Porcini Sun dried tomatoes Flavours of Italy, private brand Bertozzi Epicure Flavours of Italy brand® grilled vegetables are all packed in olive oil, grilled by hand over an open fire pit. Mushrooms, hot or sweet Roasted mushrooms Eggplant, hot or sweet Grilled eggplant Hot roasted peppers Roasted artichokes Roasted peppers Private brand in glass jars Our famous Bertozzi Epicure® Pesto is well known for its reasonable price and great quality. Thanks to its richness of lactose, proteins, lipids, mineral salts and vitamins, the yogurt helps skin to greatly improve its appearance.

Carnaroli is considered the 'King of Italian Rices' and perfect for any gourmet rice dish because of its compact grain size, high starch content and ability to absorb large amounts of liquid yet not over cook.

Bertozzi Arborio Rice Vialone Nano vacuum packed Carnaroli vacuum packed Private brand Our Polenta has been a staple for over 50 years and still produced in Friuli from quality Italian corn.

Soap bar Liquid soap Shower cream Bath foam Conditioner Deodorant spray or stick Organic basics from Il Molino The most gentle and simply natural skin care line, the vegetable extracts contained in the range of cosmetics by Il Molino are organically grown and prepared just before used, which makes them particularly effective as their active ingredients are preserved intact.

The products contain no chemical solvents, only spring water.

Taleggio DOP Torta Mascarpone-Gorgonzola Marcarpone, tubs 250g, 500g Gorgonzola, sweet and sharp DOP Treccia affumicata Private brand in tins, product of Spain and Portugal Bertozzi brand® canned fish was one of the first lines developed by Adriano Bertozzi himself, and we still maintain its high quality today.This caffeine free herbal infusion is a classic served with honey.Box with tea bags Private brand in cello bags Bertozzi brand® biscuits are a rustic and simple line of cookies.Shower creme Bath foam Soap Felce Azzurra toiletry line from Paglieri Since 1923, the unmistakable fragrance of Felce Azzurra has been a staple in many Italian homes.The talcum powder has always been the symbol of the brand: a totally natural product, without added colouring agents and preservatives.

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Ours is always moist and delicious made for us by an artisinal producer using the best ingredients.

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