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Apps frequently crash or slow down drastically in my Smart Hub (Samsung JS9000 TV).Is there any way to prevent this or a quick way to restart or troubleshoot when the app freezes?The app icon is the black placeholder image and when you tap it, nothing happens. When you download an app and this happens, it's frustrating. The easiest way to check this will be to open a web link in Safari.But when you are updating an app that was working just fine and all of a sudden, you can no longer use the app, it's even more frustrating. If the website opens just fine, your network is good and the app being stuck at Loading/Waiting is caused due to some other issue.Of course while app updates go through without a hitch in most cased, they can get stuck.An app update can get stuck for a lot of reasons none of which the App Store tells you about. Restarting your device is advice you can never escape nor overlook as a viable solution.Updating apps on our i Phones and i Pads should be an easy and simple process, and it usually is.When an app gets stuck part way through installing, however, it's frustrating because you're trapped in an endless loop and trying to reinstall typically doesn't help, plus doing the tap-and-hold trick to delete the app doesn't work, either.

Holding down on the home screen to delete the stuck app won't even show the black circle with an "x" that appears on other icons.

Server issues can time out connections and cause downloads to get stuck mid-way.

If it's a matter of urgency, you can plug-in your i Phone to i Tunes and sync to get the apps downloaded.

You won’t have a problem if your connection is interrupted once or twice. This is obviously going to be inconvenient for you, especially if the app in question is large but it’s what will work when nothing else does.i OS works well for the most part but sometimes it gets odd bugs.

If you lose connectivity too often though, the app update can fail. Sometimes your phone might slow down because of an app that needs to update, or photos from your camera roll might disappear.

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